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Le Sony Xperia Z5 est équipé d'un écran de 5,2 pouces et à 1080 x 1920 pixels, d'un processeur Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, d'une RAM de 3 Go et d'une caméra arrière de 23 MP.

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Poor coverage after replace lcd

After replace screen my coverage is very poor. I broke sub2 a time deasembly, I buy new genuine one and still same problem..I have Proximity Sensor problem as well.. If i take call screen stay blank, after swap finger around Proximity Sensor is light up.

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Did the new screen come with frame or without frame? Most likely the screen adhesive is blocking the proximity sensor or the screen is not sitting flush on the front display frame properly?

Also for the signal issue you have to double check antenna cables and I think there is a antenna module which is needs to be sit in properly with two screws.

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No screen comes its self. New screen is faulty so i should get replacement tomorow. ISo i wil do everything step by step again. How fit screen perpectly? To get Proximity Sensor work. Wher i should focus. Im using genuine parts this time. I have after market screen. (a masive mistake , flat colors, and white color is off white) Thansk for help. Any advise i be very happy. Thanks

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I replace screen. Proximity Sensor works well now. Still problem with coverage. Its very unstable jumping from 1 bar to full. If i make call person one other side cant hear me very clearly.


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