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How do I install drivers for the webcam, speakers and mic?

I reformatted my mac and I'm using windows xp. I did not use the bootcamp so basically its a plain windows computer. i don't have the mac os installed anymore. So my problem now is how do I find the drivers for my other hardware..


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All those drivers are built into boot camp. If you wanted a PC why didn't you just get one. They're a lot cheaper.

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sorry, forgot to tell you the story behind it. videocard broken and would not run my mac os. used windows xp and disabled the video card just to be able to use it. just trying to look for drivers if any for the hardware if there is. thanks.


There are usually work arounds and you did well. Now think about this work around: Hook up to an external monitor, install the Mac OS and bootcamp. Then install the windows. Set the startup to the Windows with the disabled video. That way it will boot to the windows and still have all the drivers. What do you think?


thanks mayer! got it. looks like a great and simple solution. will try it out. thanks...


You'r welcome. I'm pretty fair at screwy ideas. Apple's old slogan was "Think Different" ;-)


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