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The BlackBerry Z10 is a touchscreen-based smartphone developed by BlackBerry, previously known as RIM.

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What must I do when my blackberry Z10 dropped inside the sink?

I was washing my hands in the washing room. I left my phone on the table next to the sink. All of a sudden my phone ringed. I answered it and it feel in the sink. Not even one second . I picked it up , dried it. Left it switch off for 10 minutes . Then I tried to charge it but it wouldn't switch on anymore. I tried to open the back of my phone and take off the battery. But it looks like it needed a special tools to open it. I didn't want to damage it further. What should i do know? Help

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Well i know its to late but for the future : never ever try to boot or charge a wet phone. it will give short circuit to main board and battery. and other parts.

Open the phone following this good guide : BlackBerry Z10 Teardown

when you see the mainboard check for oxidised parts. clean the whole main board and parts and connectors with isopropyl alcohol. repeat this a couple of times. you will see the oxidation will go away.

Sometime you will have to use a soft tootbrush to clean ( but be very carefull doing this)

between the cleaning let it dry. afterwards when it is fully dry , place a new battery in the phone and try to boot.

I hope it will work ( i did it a couple of times , sometimes it works , sometimes the oxidation killed to many parts..) i recommend to buy a new battery

Kind regards,


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Thanks a lot, but my phone is a Blackberry Leap.


ok no problem , in the comment was Z10 so... but check this link :

in this link they show you how to open and get to the mainboard. normaly you will find other screw once inside, to get to the battery.


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