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Tutoriels de réparation et d'entretien pour les voitures et SUV fabriqués par Saturn Corporation et dont la production a été stoppée.

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My 2002srl got hot then stalled..when trying to whines like

My 2002 srl1 got hot..stalled in traffic..i pulled off..and now ehen i go to start it..sounds like ehen a starter goes out..what do i need to do? Help in the worst way?

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@glazznation this is very difficult to answer since we do not have all the information. you did not tell us why it overheated and stalled. It is posible that you have some engine damage i.e. cracked head etc. If you fixed whatever caused it to overheat and if your engine still turns over, then it is possible that this is truly your starter. If it just whines but does not engage the engine then I would suggest you remove it and check it out or replace it.

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