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The Nokia Lumia 925 is a discontinued smartphone, released by Nokia in May of 2013, running Windows Phone 8.1. The phone offers a lightweight (139 g (4.9 oz)) but durable shell.

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lumia 925 water damage,any hope

lost my phone,found it a week later,after it recieved rain damage.dried it off, put in plastic bag with rice for 24 hours,plugged it in to charge,initially all was well,but when i checked it 1/2 hour later,it wasn't charging,and showed a giant yellow question mark. went to you tube,removed sims holder and card,was able to remove back,but don't have right screwdriver to remove battery. i just wanted to get the battery out to leave more room to dry further,don't trust me to take out anything else.unfortunatly, i'm seeing a small amount of corrosion powderdown around the location of charger plug,and sims card holder.the front screen shattered a few months agoi've been planning on switching to my samsung nokia,but i've been unable to get my material backed up and moved to samsung because of this whole smart phone to android issue.haven't been able to find the right help.i'm older, a bit of a hermit,and have made several attempts myself via phone and online tutorials to no,finally had found someone to help,....and this happens.i have a lot of sentimental and buisness in fo stored in my photos and snapshots i am praying i can still retrieve and transfer...right? all it needs is more time to dry? should i attempt to take off the front screen in order to help it dry out faster?can't hurt ,can it?

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onflorasfringe you are having multiple things going on here. "found it a week later" means it started to corroded quickly. "put in plastic bag with rice for 24 hours" does not do anything. Rice is a great food item but has no place in reparing water damage. It does not work. "plugged it in to charge" can spell disaster due to the corrosion. This may further shorten out the phone. Should never been done unless the phone has been cleaned. I would also no longer try to do anything with the phone until it is cleaned, you are running risk of further damaging it.

The first thing I suggest is that you disassemble the phone using this video Then clean the phone with +90% isopropyl alcohol. Use this guide to clean it. It was written for an iPhone but everything is still pertinent to your phone as well. Make sure to clean all the connectors and cable ends. After you have everything properly cleaned, replace the battery, reassemble your phone and re-evaluate. If you do not clean your phone, you will get further corrosion failure later on. You also must replace the battery since it was exposed to water damage. These batteries are smart batteries and communicate with your phone. It will, if it has not already done so, fail. Until you have completed these steps you can not properly troubleshoot your phone.

"i'm older, a bit of a hermit" that is okay since a lot of us on here are a bit older.

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I'm not even close to "a little older" :) (I'm still in middle school)


@gigabit87898 no you are not ;-) Not even close. I bet I am closer to retirement than you are to graduating ;-) Hopefully by now you have found out that age is only a number and it does not matter to any of us on here. All we care about is to learn, teach and to help each other out. You are doing an excellent job with that. We are watching you:-)


@nick started answering questions when he was 14. He has created some of the best guides we have. Take a look at his growth:


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Use this tutorial:

Electronics Water Damage

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