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Guide de réparation et support pour les téléphones produits par Meizu.

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Antenna tabs broken, need hardware repair suggestion

Hi, during a dissasemble of a meizu m2 note sadly i cracked and broken two antenna tab in the the usb chargin port pcb.

So i insert the sim card and i noticed there is a X so i'm unable to connect mobile data. I already saw the possible replace (luckly is not the whole motherboard) but is divide in two part on Ebay.

So my question is: the mobile data problem could be the issues for faulty antenna tabs? Please help me i need an opinion as fast as possible.

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Hi to everyone, i would like to update my question and how i fixed the issues, so i fixed the issues by replacing the usb connector board (bought on a famous auction site) and after that you have to (sadly) re-assemble the complete case in order to your mobile network work fine.

The latest step is really important because in the backcase (inside) there are the antenna's flex's (the white one) otherwise you are unable to get any mobile data, so is not like the other smartphones. Hope this will help someone.

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Thank you so much for helping me in this question. I have the same problem and with your help I will try to fix it. Thank you, thank you...


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