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La 5e génération du téléphone intelligent Galaxy basé sur Android de Samsung fut lancée le 11 avril 2014. Les améliorations apportées au téléphone incluent un lecteur d'empreinte digitale, une caméra améliorée, un plus grand écran et la résistance à l'eau. Il est disponible en 4 couleurs différentes; noir, bleu, blanc et cuivre.

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My dad's S5 screen displays only a white noise.

Since today my dad's Galaxy S5 started to display only a white noise like seen here.

I tried everything from pressing on different parts of the back, draining it's battery and reinserting it several times, but nothing worked and I can't even go into recovery mode because I can't see anything but the noise.. My dad thinks it's a virus but I have installed an antivirus on his phone and I doubt it could've caught a virus.

Please help me, the last thing we want to do is buy a new phone, but the s5 doesn't even have a scratch and it would've been a bummer to throw it away or pay the price of a second hand one just to repair it, thank you very much in advance.

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This sounds more like hardware than software.

You will need to open it and check and clean all LCD screen connectors in the motherboard and screen.

Advisedly to try as well with another LCD screen to discard any damage in current one.

In any case open it and inspect with a magnifier.

Good luck and good repair.

JM - Montreal, QC

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Just for any one finding this post.. In the cases I have experienced this is a hardware fault.. I've had it a few times with Galaxy S5's and replacing the LCD has fixed the problem every time..

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Correction to above post, I'm currently scratching my head over a phone that had the problem and I fitted a new LCD, problem solved.. two weeks later, same issue.. I'm currently downloading new firmware, which is a shot in the dark.. then maybe look at the board.. maybe slap it with a wet sardine.. :(


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