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The Samsung Galaxy J1, released January 2015, model number SM-J100VPP/SM-J100H.

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Why does my phone won't go to the homescreen properly?

Honestly my phone was spilled with cologne and it sipped right through the LCD though still the touch capability is functional and the screen still has its color. The cologne could even be seen across the screen. However the next day (I really thought the stucked cologne will just dry out itself and my phone won't be damage since the screen have been more clear than the last time it got spilled with) the thing is my phone had just suddenly shutdown. I turned it on and it turns on then that SAMSUNG title screen will appear and would stay in there for several minutes without getting to the main homescreen, then it shuts down then turns on. It goes like that over and over again so I tried to hard reset it then a new issue was found, it would still turn on and would be stuck in the SAMSUNG screen for much longer without shutting down by itself. I am figuring the cologne could have damaged some of the systems and I wanted to know your thoughts about this on what solution you could recommend before I go applying further actions.

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I suppose the good news is that the high alcohol content in the cologne makes it one of the better things to spill on a phone. I just don't know what else they put in that stuff.

That is a great video showing the basics of fixing water damage. Tear the phone down, get the display assembly off and the battery disconnected. Rinse the board off with 99% IPA, scrub it down with a safe brush, then go over the board looking for corrosion.

Normally I say that water damage is a death sentence, but I really think cologne might be salvageable.

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