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ASUS Chromebook Flip C100P was released in 2012. This was the first-ever 10-inch convertible Chromebook released. It is a laptop running Google's Chrome OS. The C100P came available with 2GB or 4GB of RAM, and silver as the only color option. Repair of this device requires screwdrivers and prying tools.

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Why does my computer shut off randomly when lower than half battery?

My computer is constantly shutting off whenever the battery hits below around 50-30%, and often it wont turn back on until I plug it in. I sent it into ASUS to be repaired, and for a while it worked fine, but now it's back to doing it again. Power washes don't fix it, ASUS's repair job doesn't seem to fix it, how do I get my computer to function again?

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I have this same problem. My warranty with ASUS expired so will file claim with SquareTrade which provided an extended warranty. Seems unlikely if ASUS can't fix it, that SquareTrade repair would be able to. I tried Powerwashing and troubleshooting with ASUS several times with no joy.


Hi @widmark,

Hopefully your extended warranty includes 'replacement' of the laptop in the event of unable to repair. Check the documentation of the extended warranty to see what you are actually covered for so that you will be prepared and not be deterred when they say that something is not covered when perhaps it is and they don't know their own warranty. It happens. Just a thought.


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I've had a technician suggest it might be the battery. I'm going to try changing mine.

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I agree that the battery is to blame. I've seen that problem in the past & it's always been a battery issue.


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I had the same problem.

It was returned to Asus who replaced the motherboard. Works like a dream ever since.

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