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A touchscreen smartphone made by LG released in September 2013 with the model number VS980.

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Screen does not light up, back light still works

Replaced the screen with the digitizer. Initially everything worked, but now the screen will not light up. Back light still works.

Tried cleaning top cable connection, tried soft and hard reset but to no avail. Granted, a custom rom and Backup are installed.

Any suggestions? Is the screen fried? But if so, why would back light still work?

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Try the bottom flex cable connection in the middle from the screen. The bottom flex connection might be loose, or have debris. Yes the backlight would still work If connection is loose. If still does not work another replacement lcd will be needed.

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Thank you, I have not tried messing with the bottom ones yet, having been told that it is the top one that responsible for the lighting up the lcd and back light, but it seems that was wrong. I'll try it shortly.

Would you know, can lcd be fried but backlight still work? (Sorry, I am not familiar with the actual electrical design of it).


Just in my personal experience in replacing the touchscreen/lcd I have ran into issues with the flex cable of the bottom depending on the part. I have seen the backlight work but no visuals on the G2 series. Most of the time the screen is black and I reseat the flex and it comes back on.


Thank you. Got it fixed.

The problem was different from what I expected though, but your suggestion had put me on a right path.

Long story short, the white wire (not flex, as I originally thought) in the bottom portion of the phone, got jammed by the protective plate screw and was stripped of the insulation, so it was shortening out the current.

Result was that black light of the lcd would come on (could see it in the dark) but not light up, even though the phone itself was working fine. A little bit of electric tape and back in business.

Thanks again!


Great...glad you got it going. Definitely can be frustrating when not working and you really figured it out yourself. Being on iFixit pro is a plus!!!


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