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Repair and additional information for the GE DFE28JSH**** refrigerator, a bottom-mounted freezer style appliance with French door access, introduced in 2014. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern DFE28JSH****.

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ge adora control panel displays a red triangle

My GE fridge model Dfe28jshss on the display shows a red tringale and no display light.When I push the display buttons nothing happens.Commpressor works. Any ideas

Update (08/26/2016)

thanks. both frige and freezer compartment are working, Temperature is good, but only a red triangle is displayed.

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This red triangle is there to tell you your temperatures are higher than normal. Somethings not working right, Put a thermometer in and check the freezer and refrigerator compartment to try to isolate the issue. Unfortunately, it's like an idiot light on a dash board and tells you nothing really.

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Our fridge has same problem, but it's two weeks old, we had to change the filter and now this, all in two weeks. And today, every couple of times opening the freezer and closing it, the light will get stuck on please help


Candice I'll call whomever you bought it from and have them come out and check it. That's what warranties are for.


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Also have the red triangle and the controls are inop. Anyone find the answer??

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