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Modèle A1369. Processeur 1.6, 1.7, ou 1.8 GHz. Stockage SSD 64, 128 ou 256GB.

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How can I remove stripped screws on trackpad brackets?

Six 1.6 mm Phillips screws securing the trackpad to the upper case. The screw heads are stripped and I can't remove the brackets. These are tiny screws and I can't get any movement. The screws on the trackpad itself came out with no problems. The upper case are frozen solid.

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could you add photo ?


I got the screws out! I tried several of the methods described without success. One worked with a slight variation. I turned to an engraving tool since I lack a rotary tool. I used it to grind a slot into the screw heads and then an oversized screwdriver to turn them out.

As a result I've completed my trackpad replacement and am happily clicking away again,[image|889115][image|889116]


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