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Fourth generation of the Toyota Pickup.

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Why is my break reservoir leaking on 1988 toyota pickup?

So my brake reservoir is the size of a bean can and sits directly on top of the master cylinder being held down by a bolt. Only seal is the cap and a rubber o ring I've replaced multiple times. No matter what it still leaks and it looks like its coming from the reservoir. How can I fix this?

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I suspect the resevoir is cracked somewhere from repeated removal and replacement. They become very brittle with age (like all plastics). You might be able to fix with JB weld epoxy but you will have to be very gentle reinstalling or it will open up and start leaking again. I googled like this: '1988 toyota pickup master cylinder resevoir' and found lots of folks on line that will sell you a new one for not that much money (it is all relative though). The older vehicles get the cheaper the parts get as a general rule. Like all rules there are exceptions.

I've bought parts from before and the prices are incredibly good.

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