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A touchscreen smartphone made by LG released in September 2013 with the model number VS980.

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new screen and digi, but shows image of the previous broken glass


I just put on a new glass and digitizer on my lg g2 phone, but when I turn it on, it still shows the cracks and black spots there were on the old screen, and the new glass is not broken at all...very strange...why does it do that??and what can I do??

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Glass and digitizer is basically only the touch screen and glass but not the LCD. It sounds like the LCD is no good judging from what you said. How did you separate the glass from the LCD?

Because they are stuck together with very strong glue that requires heating and tools that do not scratch or damage the LCD, also takes a long time to take them off without cracking the LCD.

Either way you need to replace the whole front display assembly as LCD + Digitizer + Glass preassembled (Definitely better to get with front display frame pre-assembled too).

You can buy the screen on iFixit, eBay / eTradeSupply / Eddogo / Parts4Repair and other such stores. Make sure you get the correct model for your phone and definitely get it with LCD + Digitizer at least because the LCD is definitely broken.

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Hi again, and thanks for replying:-) Actually, I have buy a new screen with a digitizer on, so I just have taken the old screen with digitizer off and put the new on, the image that apear when I turn the phone on is it shows the cracks from the old broken screen, but there is no cracks on my new screen, its like if the image of the chacks the phone remember somehow..reallly strange...


Because the LCD which displays the image is internally damaged. The only way to fix this is to replace that, not just the digitizer and glass.

I don't have any other explanation because there is no way that would convince me that the phone would remember where the cracks are on the LCD display.

It simply just outputs display so that the user can see what is being displayed on the screen, takes touchscreen as input from digitizer so that the user can interact with the phone.


Either the LCD is cracked or the OCA glue between the LCD and glass wasn't cleaned up and still shows the lines where the breaks were.

I'd bet 80% on the LCD being cracked, 20% on the glue.


Well the OP does say there's black spots so I think the LCD's busted for sure. A photo of what the screen displays is a good idea, so hopefully OP posts a photo here of it.


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Hmm, maybe I don't now if there is a difference between a LCD and a digitizer and screen..For me LCD = digitizer and screen...

Here is a photo of my phone....

Block Image

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LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, it is what displays the image on the screen. That line looks like a internal crack in the LCD glass. Does it have like black marks sticking out from where the glass crack is?

The digitizer is a touch screen layer that is sometimes implemented together with the glass. In some devices the LCD and digitizer itself is fused together instead of being on the glass.


okey, but it is all new, and the spots and the crack is at the complete same places, as on the old one, its oll new, glass with lcd...


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