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Unable to boot from disks

I can't get my Apple G5 IMAC to boot, have tried all key hold directions it still doesn't boot. Also, tried the original disks and still no luck.

I know it is old but I have used it for many years with no problem and would like to continue,

I would be Thank for any help or suggestions.

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Alan, there's not enough information here to give you an answer. What will it do? What did it do when you inserted the originals disk and held the "C" key down on start up? Any lights, tones norther sounds?


Try a disc image download from the apple site.


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1 solution

There are two most likely problems that could be causing your issue.

First, if the iMac has the original hard drive it may have failed. Hard drives can sometime fail in a way that will prevent the boot sequence from proceeding when using other boot sources like your OS system discs. If it does boot from the discs then try to open the Disk Utility program and check to see if your hard drive appears on the left. If not the drive has failed.

Second, the G5 iMac's are notorious for having issues with the capacitors failing on the logicboard (like may other computers of the time). I would suspect that if you open the machine up and look at the logic board you will find the capacitors bulging or popped. If this is the case you have a few options: have the board replaced with a refurbished part or have the board repaired by someone who can remove and re-solder new caps in their place.

Good luck

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