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A BTX computer introduced in 2006 using a Intel LGA775 socket processor. The 5150 is identical to the E510.

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Dell Dimension 5150 / E510. will not power up

i have a problem in which the computer will not power up at all , what can be the problem ... i have replace the power supply with brand new suggested model , have replace cmos battery with brand new one an also have put new memory have tryed everything i know and can think of to do and have clean the inside of all the dust an so on but still nothing can anybody please help me to figure out what the problem could be an how to fix it

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Here is a link to the start of the pages in the service manual for your PC which may help you. They detail what the problem might be by giving you the meaning of the lights and beep codes if any on display when you try to turn on your PC.

Here is the link to the service manual.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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thank u for that but i already have them but the problem is the computer will not power on period


Hi,Things to try:

1. Remove all the power supply connections from the motherboard, HDD, ODD, fans etc and then use a DMM (Digital Multimeter - Voltmeter function) to measure and see if the outputs from the power supply at the connector plugs are OK, p10-11 have the voltage values. Do not open the power supply unit! Here is the procedure to 'start' the power supply. In your case the colour of the wire is Grey and it is pin 8 (see p.10 of the manual)

If that proves OK reinstall the power supply connectors.

2. Locate the power button and where it is connected to the motherboard, disconnect it from the motherboard and then using a DMM-Ohmmeter function, measure between the two wires back to the push button for continuity when the button is pressed.

If that proves OK reinstall the power button connector.

2. With the power disconnected gently remove and reinstall the CPU.

If it is still no good

3. Remove RAM, remove any PCI cards installed and power to HDD and ODD and see if PC powers up. (Obviously there will be indications of missing RAM)

4. Check for leaky/ bulging capacitors around the CPU area.

Did you replace the power supply in the first place because it was faulty?

If all the above does not resolve your problem then it may be that the motherboard has failed.


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