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Android OS / 4GB Capacity which can be upgraded to up to 32GB / Model A270a / Black and White

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When people call me,my phone doesn't ring every time.

My phone does not ring every time when I get incoming calls. I have tried all I know to fix this ,to no avail.

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T-Mobile is the carrier I have.


Thanks! It nice to know there are still people who are willing to help others.


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Most likely a problem on the carrier side. What carrier do you have? I would try to work it out with them!

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Dear Michele,

After having spoken with people from Telstra in Sydney I was advised with my Telstra "T83 Dave" phone

to do a factory reset. This involved delving into the unknown and exporting all my information and photos to my SD card and going to settings and doing the factory reset hoping to heck that everything worked.

Phone now seems to be working okay I have had to re-enter some of my contacts register with Google.

But so far so good.



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