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La cinquième génération de l'iPhone. La réparation de cet appareil est simple, mais nécessite des tournevis, des outils pour faire levier et enfin de la patience. GSM/CDMA en 16, 32 ou 64 Go / iPhone noir ou blanc.

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My back cover doesn't pop off easily

I removed the screws but my back cover does not pop off easily as in video, any suggestions ?

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I guess try sliding it up harder if you haven't already?


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iPhone 4/4S rear glass isn't as easy to remove as you may think. It should be open like a calculator. Hold it from the bottom with both of your hands and pull the panel with both of your thumbs to make it slide. Once it slides, then you can remove it easily. It requires a "significant" amount of pressure, especially the 1st time on an used smartphone (because of dust).

Hope this helps


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Thanks I guess I was afraid of applying too much pressure .


I totally understand and had the same issue back a few years ago. Just care and don't go too fast. It goes all alone after the first time :)


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is the back cover broken or damaged? Probably the battery has extended and you need more power to slide the cover..

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True if the battery is swollen it will be harder to remove battery cover. Keep pushing with more pressure.


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