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Commercialisé en décembre 2011, identifié par le numéro de modèle LT2016U. La réparation nécessite l'utilisation de tournevis et d'outils. Noir / Écran 10,1" / 1,6 GHz Processeur Intel Atom.

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netbook FAN smells like DETERGENT

Hi there can I ask i just brought a 3g motherboard of gateway LT2016U at Ebay and i just wonder if this motherboard has a problem, just notice its smells like a detergent. on his cooler fan.

no problem with performance it runs smooths and stable fast. and operates in normal temp...

is this something wrong with this?

please help me thanks

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Économisez en réparant avec un kit tout-en-un.

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I personally don't like the sound of a motherboard that smells like it's been cleaned with chemicals. It may however, just have sat for a long time in someone's home who uses a strong laundry detergent that lingers in the air. It would make sense that the dust particles in the fan particularly have a strong scent.

The only thing I would use on electronics is denatured alcohol, which evaporates quickly and shouldn't leave a smell. If the smell is more like an abrasive chemical cleaner and strong across the entire board, I personally would return it. Even small amounts of liquid can cause corrosion that manifests problems later down the road.

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Thanks for that info Patrick i am agree what you have said . well i will chat the seller of this motherboard.. so i can ask for refund. the reasons why i brought this because i want a built in 3G on my netbook and its hard to find a 3g motherboard here on ebay at cheap price.. well i will observe this and try to use it continuously to test if will cause a problem soon.


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