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A touchscreen GPS released in February 2012 by Garmin with custom position of interests and junction view. The screen size is 4.3" diagonally with 480x272 resolution.

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Why can't I hear my nuvi 2455LMT?

My device is not making any sound as I am driving. It displays what it wants me to do, but it is not vocalized.

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Why has my voice control has stopped working


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5 Possible Solutions Listed from Easiest to Most Difficult:

  • Turn the volume up by turning on the Garmin Nuvi. Touch the "Volume" button on the "Where to?" or home screen. Move the slider for the volume up.
  • Unmute the Garmin Nuvi by touching the "Volume" icon again. Uncheck the "Mute" option.
  • Make sure the set voice is not the problem. The navigation instructions are provided by a voice.To verify whether or not the set voice is the problem, you must switch the voice. Power on the Nuvi and tap the "Tool" icon. Tap "Settings" in the Tool menu. Tap the "Language" option and tap the language you want. Then select another voice to use. Now go back to the home screen and enter an address into the "Where to?" option. Listen for sound now.
  • Update the Garmin Nuvi with WebUpdater. Download and install WebUpdater from the Garmin website (see Resources). Launch WebUpdater on the computer, and connect the Nuvi to the computer with the USB cable. The software will detect the Nuvi and locate all updates for the device. Confirm that you want to update the device when prompted and WebUpdater will download the updates to the Nuvi.
  • Reset the Garmin Nuvi. A master reset will restore the Nuvi to its factory configurations and delete all favorites and waypoints that have been added. Power off the Nuvi and unplug it from any power source. Hold your finger down on the bottom right corner of the Nuvi screen, at the same time power the device back on. When asked "Do you really want to erase all user data?," remove your finger from the bottom corner of the screen and tap "Yes." The device will reset and sound should be restored.

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