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How do I eliminate orange peel when spraying urethane clear coat .

I am repainting the hood on my VW cabrio.

The color went on well but the 2 part urethane clear is getting bad orange peel.

Any tips?

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Papa, Most important to follow the instructions on the product/paint you are using and using all the same product brand are important. Temperature, mixing/thinning, PSI your spraying at, spray tip size, technique how close/far you are to work when applying paint and and try to hold spray gun straight/perpendicular to surface being sprayed, all can effect the way clear coat is going to lay.

I would always spray a test sample before spraying the hood to see what adjustments have to be made to avoid faults in the top coat.

I will post a couple links that can give more info. and how to take care of orange peel in top coat after the fact. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Papa Hajek,

I'm by no means the spray master, but i found some resources for you that seem to be consistent with the (little bit of) spraying i've done:

Also this forum post seems to cover thinning down poly pretty thoroughly:

Best of luck

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