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Backlight not working on display

The backlight to my macbook display isn't lighting up. I know I get video, because if I hold up a flashlight against the Apple logo on the back of the display I can see my login screen in the front. I was thinking it could be the backlight fuse, but I dont know where its located on the logic board?

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Hello Jstervil,

It may very well be the backlight filter. There is not a user replaceable "Fuse". The backlight filter is a soldered on SMD "surface mounted device" and will require microsoldering skills nd a lot of specialized equipment to repair. This, sadly, is not a DIY repair. Call around a few shops in your area and see who would be willing to take on that job. Get several quotes though as they could range significantly.

Hope that helps,


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Thanks for the response Holger,

Would you happen to know and show me where the backlight filter is located on the logic board? Also, I'm guessing replacing the display will not solve the problem, right or wrong?


You are correct in that replacing the display will not correct the problem. I'm out of town at the moment so I don't have access to the board schematics.


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