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Guide de réparation pour les Téléphones Android Produits par ALCATEL One Touch.

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How to replace a screen alcatel one touch idol 4?

I have a alcatel one touch idol 4 with a cracked screen and a busted digitzer so it doesnt even light up. How do i open the phone up to get to the guts of the phone?

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Here the tutorial : Alcatel idol 4 (OT6055) LCD screen Replacement

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My screen is broken too - replacement parts are $50, but how to get them in there?! It's $130 to get it done professionally - might as well buy a new one with their specials right now. If I find anything I'll post it, but I hope we get a response soon :-)

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I have Alcatel idol 4 and my screen has been cracked inside my pocket . I don't even know how it happened. Is not a big crack but I can't do Notting .... I can't even unlock the phone as is not reacting on my finger any more. While I look at the phone I can see *emergency call * screen on and buttons are pressing numbers them self. What can I do whit it? What should I changed? Is it worth it?

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this is also happening to me


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