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A650C1 Won't Start, Lamp light flashing, Won't turn off

My question is about the 72" version of the same

TV Model HL72A650C1FXZA

TV Serial: AMBF3CKQB01234B

Version: OG01

Came into room while kids were watching TV, and the screen was frozen. Picture was clear. No sound. TV would not turn off by remote or front-pannel stand-by button. Had to pull the plug.

Plugged in and re-started, and the TV screen would not come on. Standby light comes on, then disapears when power button is pressed. Lamp light flashes constantly. TV will still not turn off by remote or front button. Onboard 'channel +/-', 'source', 'vol +/-' buttons do nothing.

Replaced the bulb with high quality one at the link below. TV has the same problems even with the new bulb, except that now when the TV turns on, the screen illuminates but stays a flat black/grey colour.

I am asking for advise on a way to test what components need to be replaced, or a suggestion on order of components to investigate, as I have little experience with this type of TV. Can anyone help or suggest the next step, as the next components seem to be $200 and up, and I don;t want to spend that kind of money without some level of confidence that it will help solve the problem.

Update 10/15/2016

Here is the lamp starting video. You hear the click, one ballast 'tick', and the lamp lights up.

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This is the replacement bulb used:


@actionman1 a black screen with the lamp on is usually caused by a bad DMD board. you did not tell us if the lamp light LED still flashes??


Thanks. My other research was leading to the same conclusion. Can you explain a little more about the DMD board? What is the diference between a DMD Board, and a DLP Chip?

Yes - the lamp light still flashes continuously while the TV is on.


DMD board ( digital micromirror device) is where the DLP IC is mounted on:-) What bothers me on your TV is that it continues to blink.

Check to see if your ballast works. Remove the rear cover, then plug in the set. Push the lamp switch and listen for the power supply to click. If it does, the lamp switch is working. Then take a look at the ballast, see if it sparks. If it does it's good if it does not it could be a bad ballast or power supply.

Also make sure lamp cover switch is activating


Thank you, @oldturkey03 , This is very helpful. I will test and let you know the outcome.


-lamp door switch

-Power supply clicking on

-Ballast sparking

-DMD Board


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@actionman1 thank you for the video. That clarified the lamp questions as well as the ballast. In that case I'd go back to the black screen with the lamp on is usually caused by a bad DMD board. I'd start there.

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Seems the DMD boards for the 72" version are pretty tough to get hold of:

Samsung PN: BP94-02338B

$300 direct from Samsung:

Only other place I found one was at a site that reconditions them. They'll charge you $300, but give you $100 back if you send them your old board:

Do you have any recommendation on where I should look for parts at lower cost?

I'm assuming a recovered or reconditioned board would do the job just as well. Just can't find the specific part anywhere 2nd-hand on e-bay, and all other parts dealers seem to be 'out of stock'


I am sure a good rebuild one will work just as well. I can check but looks like you already sourced it at the places I usually buy from as well.


On further research, I have found a possible equivalent. The samsung part listed is BP94-02338B, but many stockists reffered to an alternative replacement board - BP96-02092A. I can order the replacement board 'BP96-02092A' 2nd hand for $40 (also available from for $300).

Do you have any experience with the interchangability of these parts, and can you see any serious reason that I should NOT buy the BP96-02092A instead of the primary listed part?

I know I'm asking a lot of very specific questions, and really appreciate any help you can offer, and have given so far. Just trying to make sure I make the wisest investment in repairing my TV.



I got hold of the official samsung TV service manual for my model, and I replaced the DMD board with the replacement BP96-02092A as above.

Unfortunately, the TV still shows the exact same symptoms, and has not improved even with the replacement board.

From what I have read elsewhere, the other most likely cause is the TV's main board, so this is what I am planning to replace next, unless anyone can advise on another likely cause.


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