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The Shark Rocket HV301 is the second installment of vacuums in the 300 series. It is a two-in-one vacuum that comes with several attachments, making it capable of cleaning on different surfaces. Its sleek and lightweight design make it easy to maneuver around any household.

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Is there a difference in how the 300 series models are repaired?

Is there a difference between all of the Shark Rocket HV300 series? Am I able to use the HV300 user manual or repair guides for my HV301?

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There are only a few slight differences in the HV300 series of vacuums. The HV300 is the lowest model, and has a 27 foot power cord while the HV301 and HV302 both come with 30 foot cords. Other than that, the differences are the number of accessories each one comes with. So, repair on the vacuum should be identical for all three in the HV300 series.

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