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A Vivobook series produced by ASUS in 2012. The Q200E series is similar to the S200E and X202E series.

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Why wouldn’t my laptop power on?

My laptop is not powering on even after holding the power button. How do I power it on?

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student, iFixit Technical Writing Project


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Make sure your battery is charged by starting your laptop with the charger plugged in. If that does not work, you can also try following our troubleshooting guide.

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Will disconnecting the battery from the logic board and disconnecting the power supply cause a spontaneous reboot when the battery is plugged back in?


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First i would check if it is plugged in, then also if the battery is charged. when you have both the adapter and the battery connected then you should be getting a charging light even if the laptop is off. The first thing i would question would be the power adapter and then go from there. good luck

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