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optical drive fan problem

I have a mid 2007 iMac EMC 2133. It all works fine except sometimes the optical drive fan runs at +4000rpm (checked using iStatPro). I ran the Apple Hardware Test and it showed this error:


I replaced the optical drive sensor cable and I have re-set the SMC and for a while I thought it brought the speed down, although it re-occurred later whilst running a few applications and then during the Apple HWT.

Haven't had much luck getting exact info on this (or any similar) error code.

Is this fixable? Or a serious issue please? Machine is out of warranty of course.


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That error code is listed as a hard drive sensor error. It may mean that the temp sensor on the hard drive needs to be replaced, or the logic board might be at fault. There's just nothing about anyone solving the problem. Personally I would suspect the actual sensor.

Here's a discussion on the problem at Apple.

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