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Considered one of Sony's best smartphones, the Xperia Z Ultra is a 'phablet' style device released in 2013.

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Touchscreen problem after screen crack!

Hey everyone!

I got little problem with my Sony xperia phone, half year ago my screen cracked and my touchscreen stopped working ( display still work). Now I bought new Lcd+touchscreen for it, I installed them with video tutorial, after reassembly I turn it on and everything looks fine, but my touchscreen still wont work. I have cleaned every cable and parts 3 times and rebuild, also hard reset has been done to it but still touchscreen doing nothing.

My new screen might be broken? Any ideas what I can done to this?

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Chances are that if the touchscreen on your old screen didn't work and the touchscreen on the new screen doesn't work, then its a problem with the phone.

Of course its possible that you got a bad screen, just isn't the most likely issue here.

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It bend in my pocket and crack the screen, maybe that broke more parts...Any ideas where to start?


I won't lie...I've never touched a Sony phone.

If it were an iPhone, I would be learning towards a bad touch IC and I don't think a Sony phone would be any different. What happens is the logic board in your phone can flex, but the components soldered to it cannot flex. So the solder breaks or the chip breaks and you have an issue like this.


Yep.. I have thinking that logic board too but its so expensive, have to think what I do to this. Thanks for your answers.


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