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A 2-in-1 laptop/tablet with full 360° folding capabilities. Contains a 2.00GHz i7-5500U processor and was released in 2015 with model number 80JH000WUS.

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Why is my laptop overheating

My laptop is getting hot when it is running continuously for a certain amount of time. My laptop is not running efficiently since this problem has occurred.

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Your laptop's fan may not be working properly and may be in need of cleaning and/or replacement depending on the problem. Your laptop may also be bogged down with useless programs. Try checking out the troubleshooting page here. Lenovo Yoga 3 14 Troubleshooting

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  1. Just check in Program and features abot the recent apps installed and check whether they ar ethe issue
  2. Usually lenova laptop has lenova energy manager which has fan cleaner feature, just run it to clean the dust
  3. finlally dont run more apps than your can handle

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Lenovo laptop has a black screen and is overheating.


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