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Blu Studio 5.5 S smart phone was released in 2014 by Blu. It's recognizable, by it's white color, and 5.5 inch LCD display.

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Why do I have No Sound

i have done a hard reset and still have no sound. does anyone know what could be wrong?

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  • Check your volume settings on phone.

-Go to the main menu on the phone , go to settings, click on sound icon, and check volumes settings for music, videos, games, ringtones, alarms and other media.

  • You can check the speaker and see if there is a problem with the speaker physically visible

-Check and see where your speaker is located and check if its free from dust or anything obstructing it.

  • you can replace the Speaker

-Follow this guide (Blu Studio 5.5 S Speaker Replacement)

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Volume is all the way up and speaker looks good.


@geoffvogt63 then you may have to do a replacement, unfortunately I do not know were you can find the speaker part.


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