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Guides de réparation et de démontage pour les tablettes Asus sous Windows.

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ASUS T100HA broken LCD and touch screen

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to fix my broken t100ha. I want to disarm for changing LCD and touchscreen. Do you have a guide for do it?. I'm trying myself but I can't.

Thanks in advance.

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2 solutions

what youtube guide here

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That video isn't for the T100HA. I've got one in now and it's not the same, it seems the LCD is bonded to the digitiser (still working on it so will verify later)


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hi franpaki

did you have found some videos or picture to change only the touchscrean?

i in same situation and i found somme module touchescrean only but i not shur its working if the lcd have glue to the touchscrean.

can you confirme what you doing plz?

have good day

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