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Released in July 2008 by Acer Inc., this netbook can be identified in the ZG5 Acer Inspire One family with the model number A150-1672.

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Why are the keys on my keyboard not responding?

When I press keys on my keyboard, they aren't outputting anything on screen. I can move my mouse just fine, but the keys aren't working properly.

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A few simple reasons why this may be happening are:

1. There is a pop up window that needs to be closed first before the keys will provide output.

2. The field you are trying to type in may not be selected properly. Make sure to click on the place where you're trying to type.

3. There may be something underneath a particular key that is stopping to from being pressed all the way down. Removing the object from under the key should fix this problem.

If the problem isn't one of these three, a restart of your computer might be the best option. If problems persist, there may be an issue with certain keys or the whole the keyboard itself, warranting replacement.

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