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The Syma X5C is a four-channel quadcopter with a built-in camera.

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drone Won't take off!

When my Syma is all paired up to to the controller and its ready to fly it won't take off. I've had a look and realized that the rotors are reversed and push the quad copter down. i have tried everything i know of such as calibrating the drone. i have no clue of how to continue , could someone please help!

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2 solutions

There are 2 motors that turn clockwise and 2 that turn counterclockwise. The props are also different and each is marked to go on their matching motor. On each arm of your drone there is either an A or B and on the props 2 have an A and 2 have a B. Make sure that the props are on their proper motor.

I don't feel calibration is your issue recalibrate the gyro: After you bind your Tx and drone with the up/down throttle sequence(and have solid lights), move both Tx sticks to bottom right. The gyro will recalibrate after a second or 2 and the lights will flash then return to solid.

I hope this helps and you are flying again soon if not already.

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My drone won't fly ! Battery's are charged seem to be the connection from battery to drone! any suggestions ??


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One of my B wings will not move what should I do?

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