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10.1" Android tablet released in June of 2011. Samsung GT-P7510MA

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How to recover from bootloop (only download mode, no recovery mode)?

Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet 10.1 (GT-N8013)

Device hangs at Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 logo.

Apparently stuck in a bootloop - will automatically turn on and hang at logo following power off via power button.

Able to access download mode, but no recovery mode.

Flash with factory firmware (.pit and .md5) files via ODIN with "Pass!", but bootloop remains.

Kies (pre- Note III) fails to connect with device. Program instructs to restart device.

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try loading stock recovery via odin, then boot to recovery and clear data.


I've tried loading stock recovery, TWRP, CWM, and Philz via Odin3 (v3.12).

I receive "Pass!" result in Odin software for all flashes, but still unable to boot into recovery.

When attempting to boot into recovery, the logo appears for 2-3 seconds. The screen then goes dark. Backlight comes on for 2-3 seconds. Screen goes dark once again. Then logo appears and the tablet hangs.


Hey, I got the same problem. Also I have problem with me having some bitcoins inside the memory/Hard drive of the tablet. Is there a way to access only the folders inside the tablet, even if it is stuck in boot loop?


Hello! Has anyone fixed their note 10.1? I'm having that problem now and I did Odin too but was unsuccessful. Please share if you did Thanks!


Yes, i fixed it by re-flashing TWRP recovery .img file using heimdall flash tool.


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This is an old tablet. ODIN 3.12 likely won't work. Find an older ODIN like 3.08 or 3.09. Find the OEM firmware from here.

Remember before this, you need the latest ADB drivers from here.

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Sadly after reading 14 pages on Samsung’s web site of this same or similar issues on the entire 8000 series tablets.

it appears Samsung purposely sabotaged these tablets to brick themselves at or about the 4 year life span.

Shame on you Samsung.

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