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What's the role of this affected part? (Spill Damage)

Hi all,

I was wondering if anybody knows what's the role of this affected area in the logic board?

I had a liquid spill, and after opening my laptop and cleaning it with Isopropyl alcohol, this is the only part that presents corrotion.

Apple MacBook Pro A1286 820-2523-B Logic Board (2.66GHz)

At the moment, the computer doesn't turn on (battery charges, but that's it). I tried to turn it on via short-circuiting the pins, but as you might know in this model, it's rather complicated (5th pin in the keyboard conector to the ground hole next to it, not really easy as you can short circuit the wrong pin).

Thank you very much for your help!


Block Image

Block Image

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That area is for the MCP, JTAG and a few CPU signals. A lot of the pins are no connection or ground. I have seen non-liquid damaged boards with this area looking like yours, and they have been fine, so I don't think that is the cause of your issue (just age).

You can use flux and solder the connections, then wick it if you think it will help, but I don't think this is the cause. Get a schematic and board view, use these to measure some voltages.

Where was the original liquid damage? Check in this area, could be some shorted components or burnt pins. Feel the chips on the board whilst it is plugged into the charger, to see if any are getting hot.

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Thank you for you reply! I will take the liberty to extend my story a bit more:

The spill happened a couple of months ago, near the power button, I took it to a repair shop here in Newcastle, and they took a week to give it back to me to tell me there was nothing I could do (they charged me £50 for cleaning it, apprently).

I left my laptop stored and last week I decided to give it a go myself, and as I followed the guides and removed the logic board found a lot of dust(so they never really unmounted it or clean it, but anyway).

I am fairly new, and this is my first attempted repair. I am a PhD student in chemsitry, so I have access to ultrasonic baths and high purity solvents, so I cleaned the logic board (removed the thermal paste with articlean), sonicated the logic board in nanopure deoinized water a few minutes, soaked it in isopropabol, dried with nitrogen flow, and then put it in a vacuum oven for an hour at 40C to be sure all the alcohol has evaporated, but when I reconnected everything, it didn't turn on.


I will follow your advice regarding the chips on the board whilst it is plugged into the charger, to see if any are getting hot.

At this point, I'd like to know if the logic board is the problem (I already found one on eBay) or if I have to look to other components (as the power button).

I've found the board schematics (, not sure if I'd manage to measure voltages around, but I will give it a try anyway, as I have nothing to lose, and I sincerely want to bring back the machine back to life, even if it's not my newest or main computer at the moment.

Thank you again!


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