2 keys registered as simultaneously pressed, when they're not

Hello good people,

Here's the situation:

When I press either the return/enter key or the P key on my Magic Keyboard, the keyboard/computer registers both keys as being pressed at once; they are "paired", if you will. This has been verified with the "Show keyboard viewer" feature enabled. Very bizarre. I've tried unpairing and pairing again multiple times, to no avail. It continues to happen even when connected to my MBP through the lightning cable and bluetooth turned off.

The portentous background to this is that I'd recently applied some rubbing alcohol to two keys on the other side of the keyboard that were sticking, though I did manage to get mixed up a few times and likely got some isopropyl underneath the keys in question as well. So I'm guessing that it's related, but it's still weird as !&&*!

Anyone got any ideas?

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