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Second version of the Beats pill. Sold by Apple in California. Model: BO513

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It Won't Charge Sometimes

It will charge if I plug the charger in a certain way, but it won't stay charged, it will disconnect because the charger moved or something. I've tried multiple chargers but unfortunately I think it's something wrong with the Pill itself.

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Unfortunately this sounds like your USB port is starting to fail, what is happening is the USB ports solder is starting to crack, and the port becomes loose, which then severs the connection, with you moving the USB cable in a certain way, creates pressure on the USB port and re-establishes this connection.

Your beats pill would need to be taken apart, and a new USB port would need to be soldered on. :-)

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I have met the same problem, my beats pill 2.0 won‘t charge and out of warranty. After watching this video: for @mayer offer this video ), i bought a replacement battery from amazon and replaced it by myself, it works great. Battery:

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@g_jasper are you the person who called me on this yesterday?


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