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L'eMac est un Mac G4 tout-en-un conçu pour le marché de l'éducation. Il est le dernier mac à utiliser un écran CRT et a été vendu à un faible prix aux écoles et à d'autres institutions.

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eMac won't boot either

Emac will not boot after last software update. Will not boot from hard drive or disk. Three things happen. First, I get a kernal panic and freeze after a few seconds, or the computer shuts down. or the spining indicator goes on indefinitely. On rare occasions, I get the symbol for OS not found. I have reset the PRAM and I get both bongs. Any ideas?

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Thanks for suggestions, but nothing worked to boot the machine. I do not know if we are facing a bad hard disk or mother board. If it was a hard disk, I assume I should have been able to boot from the install disk. So I fear it's a mother board. Until next time....Adios


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Boot from your system installation disk by inserting the disk and starting up holding down the "C" key. Go to the second screen pull down menu to Utilities -> Disk utility and repir the hard drive till it runs clear. Then try restarting.

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Sounds like one of the updates failed. If you still have the install disks, you can reinstall the operating system and select the option to save all of the old files in a folder called "Previous System" If you want to keep them, and have inportant info that you want to keep. Short of that, there is no way to really fix this.

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