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What should I do?

i had the same problem too and i know what causes this. my ipod had been drench twice. at first it was still working until it ceased to respond( same as aditya's issue) BUT! it soon start working, then a month later it ceased to respond again for 3 days, then a week, a month. then came the second disaster, it ceased to respond(same issue) forever, its been 6 month and its still not working. thinking that my ipod may have corroded inside and already doomed i decided opened it and found very little corrosion, but its from the frame work not on the logic board. please help. what should i do? should i get a new click wheel? what if it still not work with a new click wheel?

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Dyords you do want to go ahead and disassemble your device. Use these guides for that. Then clean your board with some 99% isopropyl alcohol and a small brush. It is important that you clean all the connectors as well. Inspect them for corrosion with a magnifying source. Once you are satisfied that there is no more corrosion, reassemble the iPod. It is easily possible that the clickwheel has failed due corrosion from the water damage. Yes, go ahead and replace the clickwheel and the battery as well. This is important since the battery will eventually fail as well. The battery and clickwheel are inexpensive enough and a good starting point should further troubleshooting become necessary.

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like i said it has very little corrosion, and i doubt that this causes this since the corrosion only apear on the metal frame and not on the important parts like mother board and click wheel , but still i tried cleaning it, and still it doesn't work. i guess i have to replace battery and click wheel then? I appreciate your help!


Dyords I'd definitely start with those parts.


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relax. Get some rice. get a bowl. Make yourself the rice and eat it.

Then, take isopropyl alcohol. open up your device and using an antistatic brush, scrub down the whole motherboard with the alcohol. Then put it in an ultrasonic cleaner, or have a pro do this.

if it still doesn't work, take it to a board level repair specialist.

Then, while this is probably overkill, get BGA chip x-rays done to know the bga solder joints weren't corroded.

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Great suggestion on the rice ;-)


I try my best


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