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4ème génération de l'Apple iPhone. La réparation est relativement simple, mais la vitre avant et le LCD doivent être remplacés ensemble. GSM / capacité de 8, 16 ou 32 Go / Modèle A1332 / noir et blanc.

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digitizer does not funtion well

I bought the black-to-white kit for my iPhone 4. After installation, everything went well except the "r,s,d,x,c" button does not working. For example, if I press and hold "e", and move to the right side which is "T",it will skip "R" and directly input "T" in the box. Also, the unlock dock has some issue too. I tried to use my left thumb to slid the button, the button jump back to the original position in the half way(I am holding with my left hand), but if I use my right index finger, it works just fine. One thing I should mention, I accidentally break one of the four tiny little pin on the speaker enclosure(see screen installation step 22). I have been told to be careful on that, however, I broke it. The one I broke is the very first one toward SIM tray. But none of my speaker or signal is affected. Now I really don't know what to do now?

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Faulty digitizer or bad connection on the motherboard. Restore firmware, check, clean connection with alcohol, check, replace digitizer with quality warranted part.


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You will need to change the front assembly :)

I found some dude who sells both white and black iphone 4 replacement parts, as well as black to white and white to black conversion kits.

I've bought both a white conversion kit and a spare white screen assembly, and i can only say good things about that trade.

If you are looking for iPhone 4 Replacement parts, he's a great resource :)

Here is his ebay account:

- Hope you find what your looking for!

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