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La version 2016 de la série d'ordinateurs portables Apple destinés aux professionnels. Dispose d'un écran Retina de 15 pouces, d'une résolution de 2880 sur 1800 pouces, processeur quad-core Intel Core i7, 256 Go / 512 Go /1 To / 2 To en options de stockage, RAM de 16 Go et un clavier équipé deTouch Bar. Sorti en novembre 2016. Numéro de modèle A1707.

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Are the keycaps replacable?

I was hoping to be able to move the keycaps around on my 2016 MacBook Pro 15" (I'm using a Dvorak keyboard layout). This was fairly easy to do on my 2013 MBP, but I'm afraid to break something if I attempt to pry these new keycaps.

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I just broke two keys. The replacement of the entire top-case will cost me 500 EUR:-(


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The keys on these models are prone to breakage because of the 2 "hooks" at the bottom of the key. Also a Dvorak user I have been popping off my keycaps on every MacBook I get since 2008. I'm a developer in SF, change jobs alot, so thats about 5 MacBooks lol... anyway we always popped those off from the bottom corner-ish area. DONT do that to here, come at these from the TOP, if you get the 2 top clamps to pop off, gently pull the key upwards - you'll be good.. Be ultra careful not to grab the butterfly too. These butterfly's have to be attached into the button (it's siliconed to the mb). If you break one like I did you gotta take the whole assembly out, put the new butterfly "into" the button (there are 4 indents where it attaches under the button) then silicon the button (with butterfly attached) back to the mb BEFORE you can snap the key back on.

I say this from my TB13 with 6 broken keys. I'm looking for replacements right now. lol.

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I broke the butterfly hinge. How did you end up fixing it? I bought the "S" key from an online reseller but i don't know how to install it (i haven´t received it yet...).

Can't i just pop off the broken butterfly mechanism and glue the new one in?


The silicone part that the butterfly mechanism attaches to is indeed glued onto the board. I couldn't replace the butterfly without breaking the part off - it seems like the butterfly is not directly replaceable as in previous models.

Take care.


What did you end up doing?


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They are very fragile keycaps, and are easy to break. But with care, they can be removed easily. We do replacement keys, and we translate keyboards for customers all the time.

This guide may prove helpful in at least understanding how the mechanism works and how to remove it if you've not done it before.

If you're not confident with it though, i'd suggest you look for a tech savvy friend or a company to do the work for you. Its not overly complicated, but does take some dexterity and a gentle touch.

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Use a skin instead of moving the keys:

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Thanks for your suggestion! I thought about that, and there are a few reasons why that is not really what I'm looking for. I would prefer to keep my keycaps plain, both for the backlight, as well as for the feel. Also, I'm using a non-US (Norwegian) keyboard which I doubt I'll be able to find the appropriate stickers for.


Sorry, I have not had one of these 2016 machines in hand as of yet so I can't give you a definitive answer.


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