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Released in 1947, identified by model number 33TIAK9.

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line won't reel in

When the line is cast out, it works. But when I start to reel it in, it won't reel in. Do you know what part is affected, or how to fix it. Thank you

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droark1946 I wonder if this is related to the spinnerhead spring missing or broken or a stuck spinnerhead pick-up arm or gears. You may just have to take it apart and see what you find. Take lots of pictures and post those with your question. Use this guide for that. It will allow us to see what you see. Another thing that would be great is for you to make a guide or at least a teardown for us. Follow this guide for that. Let's see if the diagram helps you out.

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great post. i have a completely different problem with this same reel. got the anti reverse misaligned and this schematic showed me the error of my ways. thanks.


@Raj V glad it helped you out. Welcome to iFixit ;-)


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