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casio stb-1000 no notification appearing on display


I can get my casio bluetooth watch successfull connected, but nothing is pushed to my wristwatch. I have an iphone 5c with casio watch + app and a casio STB-1000. Everyting is the latest sw version.

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So anyone knows how to get notifications pushed to my watch? I know that it is'nt show contents of mail, sms facebook etc.


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It appears at this point that in order to get notifications, you must be connected to bluetooth AS WELL AS have the STB-1000+ app on and connected!

This typically happens to me when I leave the phone behind and move thenwatch out of range!

When I come back in range, the bluetooth icon on the watch stops flashing, which means it has reconnected to the phone!

At this point I no longer receive any notifications unless I re-enter the app and tell the app to reconnect to the watch again!

It is kinda a bummer! I hope there is a workaround for this because it is quite annoying!

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