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The Samsung Galaxy J1, released January 2015, model number SM-J100VPP/SM-J100H.

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My battery drained, and it doesnt charge again

what is the BEST REMEDY for my cellphone SAMSUNG GALAXY J1, it suddenly turned off and when i charged it, it doesnt charge.

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Even though it appeared 'dead', I put it on charge overnight and the next day held the 'ON' switch down for about 5 seconds before it gave a little buzz and came up with the display showing the outline of a green battery (half full). I left it on charge a few more hours then switched it on and it worked.


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irene0047, Try the reset procedure form the tips and tricks guide link below. Make sure charger is working or try another good known working charger. If no luck replace battery. Links 2 and 3 are how to replace battery and where to purchase. You can also search for lower priced battery. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Samsung Galaxy J1 Tips & Tricks

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