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La génération de Mac Mini unibody en aluminium est identifiable au numéro de modèle A1347, couvrant la gamme depuis 2010 jusqu'à 2014.

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startup and boot don't works,

Hi all,

I have a Mac Mini mid 2011 i7 2x HDD 750GB and it has the following problem, it is to boot inconsentiously, it does the chime, it loads the system halfway and it turns off and on, it turns on the front led, and you hear the cooler And sometimes it goes until the maximum rotation. Keyboard is unresponsive.

Some help already tried to make the boot safe but with no luck. the


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Pull the drive out and use an external bootable HD (USB thumb drive) Are you able to boot up then?

Update (12/08/2016)

Then the power supply is what I would focus on first. Also make sure your power cord is good and you have clean power (using a UPS (best) or surge suppressor, with either clean AC power & good ground to power the system.

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Yes, but not all time, I'm need put power on/off several time for Mac boot w/ chime video anda normal boot


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