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Compact video camera recorder/tape recorder Released 1989, Model No. CCD-TR5 Serial No. 257152

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Camera won't turn on after being in perfect working order?

The camera was in perfect working order. Playback worked and I could see through the viewfinder. But as soon as I put in a new tape, the camera recorded for 4 seconds and the caution light blinked and the footage glitched and shut off. Now the camera won't respond when plugged in to the DC cable or with a battery. The battery has been tested and it's good and my camera is in Standby mode. It shows blinking zeros on the screen by the power buttons but will not start playback or record. I also cannot see through the viewfinder. It also will not eject the new 8mm tape.

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It looks like your tape is stuck, Why you dont just try to let it repair at a store depending in wich city you live. It also can be bad capacitors in camera (Sorry for my english, I'M From holland.)

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Thing is, this is a 1989 camera, and if it hasn't been used for awhile things go bad,

Blinking zeros on the counter tape run in the viewfinder means tape transport malfunction,

this can mean one things

(00:00:00 ) Blinks 3 times, and 3 ding sounds then camera shuts off

Cause : the tape rollers have broken off inside the camera (and or ) the tape is caught and tangled inside the carriage and around the heads.

if it is not ejecting the tape, means the tape has tangled inside the machine, i wouldn't recommend prying it out of there either, doing so will bend rollers and the tape carriage as they are only made from thin aluminum and they can bend very easily with you prying on the tape door. or prying the tape out of the carriage. my suggestion is to take it to a reputable repair location, they may do it in such a way that they can save the tape.

One thing to note here though, these tapes longevity life before shedding the surface of chroma have a 10 year life, which expired in 2008

if you do manage to play a tape on these old camcorders i would be recording the output to a computer to keep the memories, as you'd be hard pressed getting tapes to play in 2022 as they would have broken down on the surface of the tape and started to deteriorate and broken down somewhat by now. and would be the cause of whats happened.

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