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Can I replace an engine starter cord?

The starter cord on my lawn mower broke. Is there a way to fix the cord myself, or do I have to get a new lawn mower, or find someone to repair it?

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Which lawn mower?


Once we can attach pictures to questions, this type of question will be easier to answer.


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My first instinct - yes, you can replace it. I have done so in the past.

Not knowing the type of mower or any details, it is hard to assess, but I hazard a guess that the 'starter unit' is bolted on top of the flywheel / fan unit.

Be careful of the clockspring (retracting the cord after pulling), and be prepared to take the unit apart again in case you do not get enough preload on the spring after you have fitted a new cord.

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yes yes you can


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I cheated and Googled your issue, came up with a pretty decent general guide, with pics:

Good Luck!

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"Some lawnmower coords end up as alcoholics. Others snap."



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