No Life From PS4 Optical Drive

I am working on a PS4 (1215 model) that came in with what seemed to be a bad optical drive. I pulled a known good optical drive from another PS4 (same model), hooked it up, and everything seemed ok, except it would not read the one disc I had on hand. I went back to it the next day, and the PS4 does not seem to recognize their is an optical drive...

The laser does not move or light up, and the PS4 will not accept discs. Nothing in the drive moves on power up. If I hook the same drive up in a test system I have (same model), the drive works fine. I have inspected the 3 connectors on the logic board under magnification and do not see any problems.

So far I have tried a known good power supply, new cables (all 3), applied the latest system update from safemode and rebuilt the database from safe mode.

I am thinking this is a power problem, but I have not been able to find any useful info on iFixit or Google about how power is supplied to the drive from the logic board. Anyone have any ideas?

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