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Intel Core i5 bicœur avec 3 Mo de mémoire cache L3 de 1,8 GHz

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How do I reset my MacBook air with firmware password?

Hi all,

i'm afraid i have a real big problem.

I have got an macbook air '13, which i have gotten from school several years ago.

The problem is that the hard drive broke. I usually know how to fix that, but my school has a firmware password on the laptop, so basically i can't do anything. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help. Thanks.

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EFi password lock. Ask your school if you didn't steal it.


Isn't it amazing how "do this if (you didn't steal it") is the "normal" response from the few that propagate usually incorrect assumptions that we are all a bunch of thieves). I work in the field and of all the calls I've made throughout more than a decade now, not once has the police verified that any of the serial numbers we call in are stolen. NOT ONCE! So my guess is that either the fear-planting mongers that make these very narrow-minded demeaning and degrading comments is either programmed into "law" enforcement, or a subsidiary collector of the monopoly itself, or an auto-responder bot, or just plain stark-raving dumb and uneducated in what is real and what is propaganda brought to you by programming (financed by the same monopoly that stands to profit from any misfortune of having purchased something without knowing if it were locked in the first place. Snap out of it, don't believe the hype (revelations 17&18). amen


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1 solution

This Site has a good guide on how to fix your forgotten mac firmware password

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