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Identifiable by the model number S7562, the Galaxy S Duos is a dual sim card smartphone made by Samsung.

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back camera is not showing clear it's blearing

back camera is not working, it's showing blur also clicks are bluring ,can camera is damage or any software issues

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It is most likely that the camera is damaged, but it could be the software to find out we can do a few tests.

1) how does this affect the picture is there a problem with focusing or is it a constant spot that is alway blurry if it is one spot that is always blurry it is probably the camera that is damaged

2) if it is a problem focusing, does this issue persist in a different camera app

3) do a factory data reset this will fix any software problem

if you conclude that it is a damaged camera here is the part:

and this video should help you with the repair:

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